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12:25pm 28/01/2009
  RIP John Updike  
01:55am 20/01/2009
  at the end of a great day, looks forward to another to-morrow.  
01:02pm 16/01/2009
  thinks this is probably the hottest. poem. ever. http://snurl.com/a6p6g  
06:19am 14/01/2009
  spare any change? made the final round; pls vote by 3pm thursday!!! http://ping.fm/s8qVW  
12:14am 14/01/2009
  aspires to be an american idle  
06:54pm 11/01/2009
  normally disapproves of zoos but it was free to sfians accompanied by the wee to-day.  
06:34pm 10/01/2009
  "I'm not bad. I was just programmed that way." - Jessica Rabbot  
12:11am 08/01/2009
  Meh. Yeh, beer splodey. Memory been fading last 24hrs  
08:19pm 01/01/2009
  just tried Lime (castro); off to union sq for the lights.  
02:18am 01/01/2009
  Wishes all Happy New Year!!!  
12:06am 02/12/2008
  ... been visiting emergency rooms and washing animals too often this year.  
in a wired world, it's too easy to get disconnected   
09:59am 11/02/2007
mood: curious
***** UPDATE 02.14.07: This Journal is No Longer Public. If you know me and/or wish to let me live vicariously through ye, please add and/or message me. Cheers. *****

On 02.11.07, 09:59 PST  scottreyns wrote:
i've thought for a while about grabbing an LJ account.

i have similar criticism of LJ as i do of myspace and other systems in that it doesn't import feeds, it only exports them. which is a bitch because i know there are only so many people who, as i do, use feed readers to aggregate and read blogs... the closest thing to any decent blog that i've been keeping is back on the stormdrain site, and though that exists and does have an outgoing feed i think it has only a few subscribers. one of these days hopefully all these different systems - wordpress, typepad, myspace, tribe, friendster, livejournal - will support both importing and exporting. then we can all just have our single place where we each do our individual rants and raves from, and on the readers side, single points of content consumption.

ok, geek bitch done. i'm here to keep in touch with the lives of friends, and also 'cos i don't get out as much as i wish i could so this seems a good way to help do that. i'll post here as often as i think i don't have something totally irrelevant to share. the blogosphere is supposed to hit its ceiling this year in terms of growth, so in the spirit of the expected quality-over-quantity trend i'll try not adding one more narciblog to the fray here.

hope everyone's week-end is going well!

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